“Homework Help Websites” All Parents Need to Bookmark.

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Homework, essays, science projects… school work can really be overwhelming for our children and also for us parents. Luckily, there are several websites and online resources that your child can access to find some answers. Here is a list of some of the most popular “homework help websites”. These resource sites include study guides, atlases, encyclopedias, and text books. Some even include direct access to teachers and professionals for any questions.

homework help websites and resouces for children and parents.


This website offers a large library of educational videos that can help your child review different subjects and is great for math, science, engineering and even offers computer programming tutorials. These videos are also very useful for finding a successful homework strategy.
Similar to Kahana Academy, this website offers mostly videos and animations, especially for math and science.
This is mostly an informative website where you can search through their dictionary, atlas, almanac, timelines etc. Additionally, an encyclopedia is available to research different topics.
Kid Info is very easy to navigate. It has reference resources, search engines, homework help tutorials, online learning videos and also fun sites.
In this site, parents can find lots of essential tools to help their children with school work. You can get assistance finding a learning style or building a home library. It is especially helpful for parents who need to refresh some grammar rules and some math formulas.

This websites groups many homework resources, from study skills guides, to homework help websites.
Study Geek is a math only website for all grades. It covers all math topics such as geometry, algebra, trigonometry, calculus and statistics. It also provides a math solver tool to solve problems.
This is a math and English only website, that reflects Common Core curriculum for any grade level. It provides parents examples and tips on how to approach and solve math problems according to Common Core standards.
This is also a Common Core based website. It gives a detailed preview of each grade curriculum. It aims to help parents understand Common Core in order to implement teaching at home.
A Science only website, that offers a large variety of Science projects, categorized by topic and grade level. The projects are described in detail and therefore, they are easy to comprehend.


I also advise you to look into the PARENTING SUPER BUNDLE from Ultimate Bundles, for education content and homeschooling tools. It truly is a great deal, for a huge variety of parenting resources.

Happy Homework!


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